Cirrus Global Enterprise Partners


About Us

Cirrus Global Enterprise Partners LLC (CGEP) is a Cayman Islands-based investment firm primarily focussed on advising, assisting, and facilitating  early-stage, start-up companies, and also businesses requiring funding in support of rapid expansion into new markets, new  territories and  the introduction of new products and services on a world-wide scale. We have particular skills-sets and toolsets that allow us to specialise in well-qualified start-up business.

Cirrus Global is simultaneously well-equipped to manage large, complex infrastructure investments, particularly those projects that have ‘green economy credentials’.

The Cirrus Global team have extensive and proven international business experience and will always bring this to the table to assist in enhancing and optimising the likely forward-looking success prospects of any client entity in a meaningful way.   

Our Ethos

We subscribe to the basic tenets and principles of ESG investing.

This means that we take seriously the need for prospective client companies, entities, and projects to meet certain qualifying standards insofar as environmental, social and governance criteria are concerned. We carefully evaluate the ethical impact and sustainability of these ESG criteria in any investment guided, supported, and in any way facilitated by Cirrus Global.

We also take seriously the quality and integrity, at a personal level,  of the principal members and executives of any client entity that we engage.

Consequently, we will require the upfront completion of a specified enhanced due diligence review of the key executives and all material shareholders of any prospective client as a precursor to accepting any engagement.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Cirrus Global, we make use a of spectrum of sophisticated and highly innovative financial instruments that have been carefully evaluated and chosen due to the fat that these are very well suited to the types of business, clients, and projects that we seek to address.

Primarily, we make use of debt-based instruments to support and meet the financing needs of our clients, although we can, in certain cases, also assist the equity-based investment, but this is not our preferred orientation.

We will only accept appointments from clients that require financing of US$ 100 million or more, and who can adequately demonstrate a robust, economically viable and financially sustainable business plan evidenced by means of credible forward-looking projections that show that a specified minimum internal-rate-of-return is attainable.

Cirrus Global will also require equity participation in the business or project being financed at a pre-specified and pre-agreed minimum level, and in order to properly exercise corporate governance and oversight, will additionally require the location of at least two board seats.

We, at Cirrus Global, work with carefully selected, competent merchant banks in order to source capital and apply this capital  by means of the financial instruments mentioned earlier.

If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.